New RIAA phono stage from Allnic Audio Labs built to replace the highly successful H1200 offering greater flexibility and higher level of performance. So good that it's performance rivals units many times it's price.

We acquired 2000 NOS Mullard E180CC tubes for this project. A great tube to be used with the new H1201 and our new HPA5000 headphone amplifier. These are excellent stable tubes with great life expectancy and wonderful sound that Mullard tubes are capable of. The 4 tubes are mounted in Mr Park's patented anti microphonic tube sockets. The unit has borrowed the H1500 and H3000 step up transformers allowing for additional 22, 26, 28 and 32dB of gain on top of the H1201's 40dB. This means for moving coil users, 62, 66, 68 and 72dB gain is available.

The feedback on the first 20 units sold and field tested is excellent. We have 2 owners of H3000's that bought H1201 for secondary systems stating that the H1201 level of performance is solidly gratifying. It runs quiet, has beautiful mid bass and large sound staging. A WINNER!